Business Ambition for 1.5°C

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | June 30, 2021

Business Ambition for 1.5°C is led by the Science Based Targets initiative in partnership with the UN Global Compact and the We Mean Business Coalition.

It is an urgent call to action from a global coalition of UN agencies, business and industry leaders.

It’s calling on companies to commit to set ambitious science-based emissions reduction targets.

By setting a net-zero target in line with a 1.5°C future — our only future — businesses can make their critical contribution to limiting the worst impacts of climate change.

So far, over 600 companies, representing more than US$13 trillion in market cap, have responded to the open letter from global leaders, and signed the Business Ambition for 1.5°C commitment.

Why 1.5°C?

To hold off some of the worst climate impacts, and avoid irreversible damage to our societies, economies and the natural world, we must hold temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. This requires halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and hitting net-zero emissions by 2050.

That’s why the initiative is inviting visionary business leaders to publicly commit their companies to a net-zero, 1.5°C target and be recognized in the lead up to COP 26 in November 2021. Leading companies are already proving that a 1.5°C-compliant business model is possible, and there is evidence that these companies will be best-placed to thrive as the global economy undergoes a just transition to a net-zero future by 2050.


United Nations Global Compact

As a special initiative of the UN Secretary-General, the United Nations Global Compact is a call to companies everywhere to align their operations and strategies with Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Our ambition is to accelerate and scale the global collective impact of business by upholding the Ten Principles and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals through accountable companies and ecosystems that enable change.

With more than 12,000 companies and 3,000 non-business signatories based in over 160 countries, and 69 Local Networks, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative — one Global Compact uniting business for a better world.


We Mean Business Coalition

We Mean Business Coalition works with the world’s most influential businesses to take action on climate change. The Coalition is a group of seven nonprofit organizations: BSR, CDP, Ceres, Climate Group, CLG Europe, The B Team and WBCSD.

Together, The Coaltion catalyzes business and policy action to halve emissions by 2030 and accelerate an inclusive transition to a net-zero economy.