Accelerating Action

The Climate Champions Team provides support to the UNFCCC High Level Climate Champions to deliver on the mandate from Parties: to drive climate action and enhance ambition by non-state actors. Working with the Marrakech Partnership and other partners, we mobilise businesses, investors, cities, regions and civil society and act as a bridge between non-state actors and national governments to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. At COP26, the two serving High Level Climate Champions launched a five year plan to deliver on the mandate from Parties. It sets out objectives and details of the tools employed to achieve them, across six key functions for the work of the Climate Champions Team for the period 2021 – 2025.

The global team is resourced to support the major campaigns Race to Zero, Race to Resilience, as well as sector-focused systems transformation using  the Climate Action Pathways2030 Breakthroughs and the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda (SAA) launched at COP 27 by the COP Presidency in collaboration of the HLCs. Alongside this, we are continuing to strengthen the accountability mechanisms of the campaigns and assess the overall state of systems transformation as we prepare to support the global stocktake.

We are now looking to fill a number of key roles in the team to maintain the momentum and further accelerate climate action leading up to COP28 and beyond.

The links below set out descriptions of the roles which are currently open. Please check back regularly for updates.

Open Roles
Core Values

Unite behind the science: we commit to make the changes scientists tell us are needed.

Build upon the incredible work to date: we will cross-fertilize and amplify the work of the many heroes who have already committed so much to addressing climate change.

Take into account different ideas and perspectives: we’re willing to be challenged and to challenge, we look for the best in people and the best, most sound and most credible ideas, wherever they come from.

Practice stubborn optimism: we recognize the scale of the problem, combined with an absolute determination to build our way out.

Seek progress not perfection: all of us can be criticized and many of those best able to advance this issue are currently the biggest causes of it. We can’t allow cynical greenwashing, but all who are serious about tackling climate change positively will be welcomed.

Be humble and generous: we keep our egos in check and work together for the good of the whole.