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GFANZ calls for greater and faster climate action from G20 leaders

The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) – a net zero alliance responsible for more than $90 TN in assets in 40 countries across the financial sector, chaired by UN Special Envoy Mark Carney – today publishes a call for greater and faster climate action from G20 leaders to build a net zero global financial system and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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COP Resilience Hub launched

This year’s Climate Conference in Glasgow will feature a new Resilience Hub led by non-state actors from business, investors, civil society, academia, cities and regions.

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Here’s why COP26 concerns all of us

As we get closer to the pivotal climate conference in Glasgow, COP26, political activity and media coverage increases, but this huge, global, political event can feel far removed from our daily lives. The Giki Guide COP26 explains how we can all get involved.

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New London Declaration to embed climate into all standards

Following recent research that shows fewer than one in four of the world’s largest companies are on track to meet basic climate change targets and Europe will miss its 2030 climate goal by 21 years, the new London Declaration commits signatories to embed key climate considerations into every new standard that is created.