Construction in the Race to Zero

Construction companies are in a unique position to showcase action and drive ambition to bring together other stakeholders from across the value chain. By Climate Champions | June 28, 2021

2021 is the year of COP26, bringing an unprecedented opportunity for the construction sector to demonstrate its contribution to achieving the Paris Agreement goals.

The built environment is responsible for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions and 50% of the world’s resource consumption.

As a key contributor to these emissions, and a huge influence in the sector as a whole, construction companies must therefore take collective responsibility to reduce emissions and play their part in creating a sustainable, net zero and resilient future for everyone, everywhere.

To the create change required, we need coherent and strong action from all areas of the built environment system – and we need this now. By 2030, the global new construction market is estimated to grow by USD $8 trillion. This figure does not include important renovation of the current building stock. Imagine the possibilities.

By the very nature of their work, they’re at the forefront of some of the world’s most exciting and creative projects – with cultural influence beyond the realms of many other sectors.

But despite this monumental influence and opportunity, construction companies remain one of the least represented business types in the Race to Zero.

By joining the Race to Zero, the UN-backed, global campaign to rally leadership in the lead up to COP26 and beyond, construction companies can become critical enablers of the entire sector’s net zero transition.


“Now is the moment to switch from rhetoric to global action, or risk being left behind,” said Cristina Gamboa CEO of the World Green Building Council.

We invite construction companies to take these crucial steps, be a catalyst for change, join the Race to Zero and actively play a role in 2021 as the most decisive year in climate action history.

We must go further, faster and deliver fully on the goals of the Paris Agreement. We must all work together to win the Race to Zero.

Click here to explore the Race to Zero Built Environment System Map, a digital platform that enables radical collaboration for system change and an interactive space for policymakers, businesses, investors, innovators and citizens to explore and visualize their individual and collective roles in the transition to a net zero built environment.

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