Sophie Howe: The world’s first Future Generations Commissioner

With a remit set out in law to be “the guardian of the interests of future generations in Wales”, Sophie Howe is the world’s only Future Generations Commissioner. At COP26 she discusses how her interventions have secured fundamental changes to land use planning policy, major transport schemes and Government policy on housing – ensuring that decisions taken today are fit for the future.


COP26 World Leaders Summit: Statement on the Breakthrough Agenda 

Today, at COP26 in Glasgow, 42 countries launched the Breakthrough Agenda  – a commitment to work together internationally this decade to accelerate the development and deployment of the clean technologies and sustainable solutions needed to meet our Paris Agreement goals, ensuring they are affordable and accessible for all.  


Cascading benefits: How today’s system of climate solutions can help bring about a regenerative future for all

To get everyone onboard, it is time we stop focusing so much on the cascade of destruction that climate change may bring, and start talking about something else: the cascading benefits that climate solutions can bring to human and planetary wellbeing, argues Chad Frischmann, Senior Director, Drawdown Solutions, Project Drawdown.


From 1800 to COP26: A history of key climate conversations

This year’s UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, marks the 26th time since 1995 that world leaders have gathered to confront global warming. But the realization that industrial activity was causing climate change, and discussions about what to do about it, began much earlier.


Empowering young people to achieve universal energy access and address climate change

If we are serious about achieving the dual goals of enhancing access to modern energy services and combating climate change in the long term, all stakeholders need to take decisive action. For lasting change, young people can be an important part of the solution, argues Sarah Hambly, Partnership and Communications Manager, Energy Saving Trust, co-Secretariat, Efficiency for Access.


COP26 must consign coal power to history

Rapid phase-out of emissions from coal power, which so far have been the single largest source of global temperature increase, is one of the first and most critical steps the world must take to deliver on the 1.5-degree goal.