Almost three quarters of global emissions are now covered by a net zero goal. Corporate commitments, alone, under the Race to Zero campaign now cover over 15% of the global economy and nearly $10 trillion in revenue.

Countries must acknowledge these signals and translate national commitments into credible policies, while every sector must undergo an exponential transformation. But elevated ambition and greater – and more immediate – outcomes are needed.

To help catalyze this action, the UN High Level Climate Champions launched the 2030 Breakthroughs to give us even greater clarity of the path to halving emissions by 2030 across the global economy.

The strategy paper covers over 30 sectors that make up the global economy, with specific attention on oil & gas, fashion and finance, as well as new sectors: pharma, tourism, Carbon Capture Usage & Storage (CCUS) and Direct Air Capture.

Collectively, the pathways articulate what key actors must do, and by when, to deliver the systems change we need to achieve a resilient, zero carbon world in time. This creates a shared vision for all the different players in a system, helping to spur action.

We believe once 20% of key actors within each sector commit to playing their part to transform the sector consistent with the Climate Action Pathways, we have achieved “Breakthrough Ambition”. This means sufficient momentum is generated among a critical mass of key actors, enabling them to break away from the business-as-usual path and together deliver breakthrough outcomes at pace.

Read the paper here.

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2030 Breakthroughs

Power sector announces clean energy breakthrough

The road to a fully decarbonized electricity system is clear. We must rapidly phase out fossil fuels whilst simultaneously accelerating our expansion of renewables. The transition to clean power is the crucial foundation of the energy transition, and achievement of the Race to Zero breakthrough ambition is a key step forward in achieving our sector goal of net zero.