2022 Criteria Consultation

By Climate Champions | January 14, 2022
Join us for the Opening Session of the 2022 Criteria Consultation process on Monday 24 January, 16:00 – 17:00 GMT. Register here to attend. 

To help accelerate meaningful progress towards halving global emissions by 2030, and to ensure the integrity of the campaign, Race to Zero established a minimum floor for robust net zero commitments. This included introducing the Starting Line Criteria (known as the 4 P’s, requiring members to Pledge, Plan, Proceed and Publish, as well as conditions on scope, sinks and credits, and equity and empowerment), as well as publishing an interpretation guide and a lexicon. All members are managed by their relevant Partner initiative to meet these criteria.

Race to Zero has committed to annually strengthen, clarify and update these criteria documents (including the interpretation guide and lexicon (last updated April 2021) – a process supported by the Expert Peer Review Group – to continue driving upward convergence toward the continually evolving frontier of  best practice around net zero targets.

Looking ahead

In outlining their plans for the future of the Race to Zero, the Champions committed to consolidating guidance and requirements around the existing 4 ‘P’s and considering introducing new guidance or requirements on a fifth ‘P’ of Persuade.

Over the course of Q1 2022, the Climate Champions and the Expert Peer Review Group, will therefore repeat this process of strengthening and clarifying the minimum criteria, interpretation guides and lexicon, with a particular focus on specific topics requiring further attention.

The consultation process will involve deep-dives on central topics, alongside general, written feedback. The Champions will strive to ensure diversity, transparency and widespread collaboration throughout the process.

Working Groups

Working groups with relevant and diverse expert representatives will be invited to discuss specific topics relating to the strengthening & review of the existing campaign criteria documents. Working groups will be composed of 5-15 individuals, based on these Terms of Reference.

These working groups will meet regularly over the period of 6-8 weeks in order to draft suggestions for strengthening or clarifying the criteria around their particular topic.
Each working group will conclude its work by submitting a template document to the Climate Champions and to the EPRG with suggested amendments to the criteria documents. These suggestions will be published on the Race to Zero website, but will be considered as draft documents rather than approved criteria. The final criteria documents will be published by the Climate Champions at the end of the process.

The working group topics have been identified as priority topics through discussions with the Expert Peer Review Group, Race to Zero Partners and other stakeholders, in large part highlighted through the Public Consultation on the Future of Race to Zero. These topics have been divided into three categories:

Category 1: Discussions on these topics are already underway in various forums. Race to Zero is committed to not duplicating existing or ongoing work, and will therefore engage in these existing conversations to harvest ideas for strengthening the criteria, interpretation guide and lexicon. The discussions of these working groups will therefore be geared towards integrating the content of these discussions into Race to Zero criteria, rather than launching separate, new discussions on these topics.
Category 2: Working Groups in this category will initiate discussions on these topics, with the intention of (i) strengthening / enhancing the existing minimum starting line criteria; (ii) introducing a new criterion as a part of the existing minimum criteria; and / or (iii) deciding whether to establish “leadership” guidance around this topic.
Category 3: Race to Zero will create space for deeper discussions to take place, with a view toward introducing relevant criteria amendments in the future. Working Groups may be engaged for a longer period of time to flesh out these conversations.

  • Net zero finance and disclosure of climate-related risks [Category 1]
  • Scope 3, boundaries & historical emissions [Category 2]
  • Nature, land use & deforestation [Category 2]
  • Offsetting, Carbon removals and responsible communication of claims [Category 1]
  • Fair share, equity & justice [Category 3]
  • Transition plans & immediate action [Category 2]
  • Policy, advocacy & engagement [Category 2]
  • Fossil Fuel transition [Category 3]

To join a working group, please submit your Expression of interest by Friday 28 January.

For more information, please view: Criteria consultation 2022 Concept note

Support & accountability

Alongside this criteria consultation process, the Climate Champions have commissioned the establishment of an independent compliance mechanism which will aim to target support to Race to Zero members where needed, and help hold them accountable to the commitments based on these strengthened and enhanced criteria.


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